Jinan Chensheng Medical Silicone Rubber Product Co., Ltd

Business Type:Manufacturer

Main Products:medical macromolecular products,catheters such as transfusion catheter,stomach catheter,duodenum catheter,,artificial heart and lung pump catheter,urine catheter


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Jinan Chensheng Medical Silicone Rubber Product Co., Ltd, the former name of which is Jinan Medical Silicone Rubber Products Factory has been a specialized enterprise for producing medical macromolecular products,which is the first assigned enterprise in domestic market and has been set up by the former National Medicine Management Bureau relying on the superiority of organic silicone subject of Shandong University.
We mainly produce and manage medical silicone rubber products. Our enterprise has the qualification and record of service for manufacturing molecular medical apparatus and instruments for medical use. We have obtained eight registered certificates of the second or third level medical apparatus and instruments products. We provide the following products: 
catheters such as transfusion catheter, urine catheter, stomach catheter, duodenum catheter, artificial heart and lung pump catheter, artificial kidney pump catheter, peristalsis pump catheter, corrugated catheter for breathing machine and so on; apparatus for transplanting inside body such as: hydrocephalus drainage apparatus, artificial bridge of the nose, pronounciation button and trachea casing catheter etc; products for single-use such as: catheter, drainage catheter and PVC catheter etc; products for industrial and civil purposes involving astronavigation, election, electric appliances, electric power, mechanism, chemical, textile, office automation, commodities and many other fields.

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